Monday, February 11, 2008

Rexburg, Idaho Temple Dedication

T and I attended the Rexburg Temple dedication yesterday morning. It was a simple but very nice event. It was awesome seeing President Monson in his new calling as President and Prophet of the Church. He made the comment that he was thankful that his first official assignment as President was to dedicate the Rexburg Temple. During the Sealing of the Cornerstone ceremony President Monson was hilarious. He had a heck of a time trying to get the putty into the tiny crack and kept dropping it all over the place. Later, while another leader was placing some putty in the crack President Monson asked the man to scrape up what he had dropped then said, "That's what you call repentance." Everyone was rolling!

It is interesting how much the temple has changed this area. It has change not only the landscape of Rexburg but the feeling of Rexburg as well. People seem to have change as the temple sprung out of the hill. Even for myself, seeing the temple watch over the city has increase my love and appreciation for this small town. During the last summer, when I would walk to where I would catch the van for work in the very early hours of the morning, I would stare up at the construction site. It would be difficult to see in the fog and darkness, however, it really brought an extended peace in the already quiet morning.

I heard someone say about the Rexburg Temple that it is unique in the fact that it can be seen for miles in any direction, 360 degrees around it, without any interference. It truly is a "light and a beacon" unto this area.