Sunday, May 18, 2008

You Know You're a Poor College Student When...

I think I've got a new series of blogs coming with this one.

This last Saturday T and I went on a little bike ride. First to Be.ll to purchase 89 cent double beef burritos (best deal around by the way; they are so good), then to Snow.asis (a shack selling delicious shaved ice), and finally to the park to enjoy the goods. There, at the park, is where the inspiration for this post unfolded.

After partaking in the cheap meal we decided to take a stroll around the park. The night air was welcoming and the park was bustling with people. Before we started our walk, we needed a place to lock up our bikes lest another poor college student tried to take them. We found a covered eating area and locked our bikes up to a post. On one of the tables I noticed a bag of chips and made a joke to T to try one a see if they were good. I should inform you this was a bag of already opened chips that was obviously left there after a big party of some sort. T refused and told me to eat one. Normally I would have said no, but these were BBQ--one of my favorites--and I wanted to see what T's reaction would be if I ate one. So, I opened the bag, grabbed a chip, examined it to see if there were any ants on it, then put it in my mouth. It was good; not stale or anything. We determined they were fine and decided to eat the rest of them as we took our walk around the park. It's a bit embarrassing to admit but we figure they had only been sitting there since that day. No harm no foul, right?

Three 89 cent burritos, $2.67. Two snow cones, $4.50. Finding a half eaten bag of chips at the park and finishing them off...priceless.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Going Green!

T and I are going green in preparation for our move to Oregon. In doing so we purchased a set of bikes for the two of us in hopes to do our little part in saving the environment. Most people know that many Oregonians are labeled as tree huggers, as granolas, or as hippies. We would like to publicly announce that we are all of the above.

JUST KIDDING, I hope you could read right thought all that rubbish. We aren't interested in saving the environment...well I am a little bit, but not to the extent of some Oregon dwellers. Anyway, the real reason we purchased the bikes is to save the that is. With the astronomical gas prices, driving is becoming a serious burden. Filling the car with gas is honestly depressing. So, T and I brain stormed one night and determined we could save a ton of money if we rode bikes around Rexburg. So far it's been good, except for T likes to use every excuse in the book to not to ride her bike and to use the car. I, on the other hand, have enjoyed the exercise and the fresh air.

Hopefully we'll keep up the riding and save some green, as well as pick up a new hobby.