Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Belly

This is me at about 24 weeks. I really feel that I have popped out. Getting in and out of the car and up and off the couch is a lot harder now. I imagine it is only going to get worse. Things seem to still be going well. We are getting super excited to meet this new little guy.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Summer Fun

Though I was in school for the summer (for the first time in my life), T and I were able to get out and have a lot of fun. All while she has been prego too. Here are some of the activities we participated in over the summer.
Mariners Game
We went to another Mariners game in August. This one was for Ken Griffey Jr. bobble head night. As soon as I found out they were do a Griffey bobble head night I went straight to T and begged her to allow me to buy tickets then straight to the computer to buy them (after her approval, of course). It was about six months before the game so I had been looking forward to this one for awhile.
On game day, as soon as class was over we headed North to Seattle. I wanted to get there early to make sure there would be no reason for me not to get a bobble head. When we arrive there were people everywhere so I started to worry that even though we were 4 hours early I was going to come up empty handed. I took my place in the largest line ever and waited for the gates to open. Luckily, when the gates opened I was able to get in with plenty of time to spare so I got my precious Griffey bobble head.
Once inside the park we headed to our seats, which were fantastic. They were along the right-center field fence. It felt as we were sitting on the field itself.
The game was just as fantastic as the seats and probably even better. Griffey hit a home run, which tapped off the reception of the bobble heads for everyone. The game went into extra innings. The Tampa Bay Rays took the lead in the top of their inning so the crowed got restless thinking the game was over. But in the bottom of the Mariner's inning, Ryan Langerhans hit only his second home run in his major league career to win it all. Incredible.
Side note: I find it interesting how close you feel towards complete strangers next to you when the team both of you are rooting for win in dramatic fashion. I think I high-fived about 5 different random strangers when Langerhans hit his home run. My hand was tingling for awhile after because we slapped fives so hard...the emotions were flowing!

Sample Griffey Bobble Head

All the people to my left waiting for a bobble head

All the people to my right

T and J at our seats

Fairs, Fairs, Fairs
I've decided my favorite time of year is fair season. Fair food has got to be the worst food for you but it taste so delicious. And the people to work/perform at the fair are crazy. For example, the day after the Mariners game T and I headed out to the Tillamook County fair with my brother-in-law and nephew. The purpose was not to just go to the fair but specifically to go to the demolition derby. T and I had never been to one and I have always wanted to. In fact I learned about the derby from my brother-in-law many years ago and I have wanted to go ever since. But since I didn't live in Oregon at that time, I always missed the derby. Finally, we are here for it so we made the trip and I have to say after witnessing such a thing, I can't imagine aver missing it again. It was awesome...maybe one of the coolest events I've ever witnessed. T thought it was pretty fun as well. It's going to become a new tradition; to attend the derby each August.
A few weeks later we hit up the Clackamas County fair. The fairgrounds where this fair takes place is in my home town and when I grew up there I would go every year. It's been many many years since I've been so T and I thought it would be fun to go. I actually think it's one of the better county fairs in Oregon. We walked around and saw the site and then hoarded ourselves on the glorious fair food (pretty much the real reason we went).
The pics below are from the demolition derby.

T in front of the Tillamook Cheese Factories Baby Loaf Bus

The line up for the demolition derby

First heat

Second heat

All out brawl

The Kittens Were Born
We have previously blogged about the prego cat the was showing up on our back porch. She had her babies, but for a long time we couldn't find them. Then one day, after class I was sitting at our desk in our living room and noticed the mama cat was drinking some milk on the back porch. I glanced over and noticed a black mouse-looking thing just on the other side of the mama. I quickly jumped up and saw that it was a little kitten. I immediately sat down on the carpet and watched as a few more kittens arrived. In all, there are 6 kittens and I have named them all.
They are: Grey Bush (my favorite, all grey and super fluffy), Phantom (looks like it is wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask), Tall Socks (has mostly white paws), Short Socks (looks just like Tall Socks but with not as much white on its paws), White Nose (looks just like Short Socks but its nose is white), and finally, Pea Wee (looks like a small version of its mama).
Here's some pics.

All six of them sleeping

Drinking some milk

Sitting with Mama

Labor Day Weekend
We spent our Labor day weekend in Wenatchee, WA with a good friend from my school and his family. Also, a few other friends came from school and we all crashed at my buddy's grandma's house...9 of us in a little house. It was awesome, though the weather didn't cooperate much, we had a blast.
We got on the water everyday but only for a few hours as the wind and rain would pick up soon after getting the boat out. When not on the water we still enjoyed ourselves by playing beach volleyball in the rain, playing touch football, and playing some tennis. We ate better than we do at our own house and we were pampered in every way by my friends grandma. I'll have to write another blog completely dedicated to her because she was one in a million and she treated prego little T like she was royalty.
Here's some pic to enjoy.

T and J on the boat

T getting ready to wake surf

Wake surfing

J putting on a cold wet life jacket (not fun)

Getting ready to get some major air, or getting ready for a major face plant