Wednesday, July 30, 2008


T and I finally did it...well I graduated a semester ago but because T and I were in the same College of Agriculture and Life Science I decided to wait and march with her. It was neat to have all the teachers there applauding us as we walked in to Commencement. It was nice to have so many call us by name and it reminded us what great teachers we had while attending Brigham Young University-Idaho. We are excited (and a little scared) to move on but we feel privileged and blessed to attend BYU-Idaho and to have gained so many close friends while here.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Hiking, Camping, and Updating

T and I have been pretty busy lately and have not had a chance to update everyone on our happenings. So here's what's been going on.

A few Sundays ago T and I went out to Driggs, Idaho and went on a sweet hike. It was up in Darby Canyon and the trail headed up to a big cave called Wind Cave. I read a little pamphlet that said the hike was best done in the beginning of the Summer while the snow run-off was still running so that there would be waterfalls along the way. What the pamphlet didn't say was to wait until all the snow was melted or you wouldn't be able to make it up to the cave.
That didn't deter T and I. We hiked up regardless of the snow and made it to about a hundred yards from the cave. At that point we thought it too steep and slippery to go all the way to the cave. Plus, the water run-off was pouring out of the cave so hard and so fast we decided to keep our distance. We plan on going up again later in the summer once the run-off subsides so we can hike into the cave.
Here are a few photos.
Us at the trail head

J at a small waterfall

T on the trail

Wind cave with water pouring out

This last week I went on a high adventure camp out with the young men in my ward. We went to Salmon River High Adventure Base Camp in Riggins, ID. We had a seven hour drive ahead of us so we left on Sunday after church. We camped for the night just outside of McCall, ID and woke early to be at the base camp by check in.
The whole camp out was a three day white water rafting trip down the Salmon river. The first day was pretty low key; just a few small rapids to prepare us for the next two days. The second day was a little more eventful. On on of the big rapids two of our boys decided it would be fun to jump in before the rapid and take the rapid in their life jackets. With the missing weight on one side of the boat it hit a hole and twisted in such a way that water washed out the rest of the boys and the river guide. I was in the leader boat just ahead of the boys raft and witnessed the whole thing. Let's just say I was a bit worried. Luckily all the boys made it out OK and thought it was the greatest thing to ever happen to them.
The third day was the shortest day on the river but the most exciting. The rapids were coming every couple of hundred yards and they were all big and fun. Too bad for our boys, because of the stunt they pulled they had to go around most of the big holes. Most of the boys still thought it was a great day on the river when we ended with an all out war on the river between the boys from our troop and the boys from another troop. Even the leaders pitched in a few splashes and tackles into the could I resist.
Overall, it was an awesome trip, one I'd like to do again if I had the chance.

Here are some pictures. (My camera is not waterproof so all pictures are taken from dry ground. I'll post other pictures when I get them from the other leader).

Chillin' out at our first campsite

Our second campsite on the beach

A gorgeous view of part of the river and the canyon

Me with the rafts...trying to get my tan on!
Funny Story
I just wanted to add this funny story that happened at church today. We had just got done eating the bread during sacrament and this seven year old boy in front of T and I said to his parents in a really loud voice, "I wish we could eat a whole piece of white bread...that would be awesome."
I don't think his parent realized how loud he said it until they saw that all ten rows behind them were laughing hysterically, T and I included. To tell you the truth I think all of us during the sacrament have had that same thought one time in our lives, it just took a seven year old to announce it. Kids say the darnedest things!