Sunday, January 31, 2010

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Almost There

It is so crazy to see 0 weeks and 6 days left on the pregnancy ticker thing on our blog. I never thought this day would come. Here are some pictures of me at 39 weeks. I am sorry for how ugly I look, but these days I am just not in the mood to dress up. I am also still in my work clothes. I am hoping to get some cute pictures of me at 40 weeks if I make it that far. Also sorry if you are totally grossed out by my bare stomach. I am hoping the baby doesn't come until at least next Wednesday because that is when my mom will get here. I am so excited to be a mom. I can't wait to see what this little guy is going to look like. What day do you think he will be born?

Sunday, January 24, 2010

It's Been Awhile...

Have you ever heard that Stained song, "It's been awhile?" That song seems to be appropriate right about now. I haven't written a decent blog in months. Typing out a blog is a serious project for me mostly because I type about 10 words a minute. Also, school has gotten much busier and time consuming so the last thing I want to do with my free time is spend two hours writing a blog. But I'm going to be better and I hope you will forgive my lack of blogging.

Here's the happenings for the last few months.

Chiro School

School continues whether I like it or not. Last term was a crazy one! Once the second week hit I had two or three exams every week all the way up to finals. I fared OK but I always wish I could have done better. But compared to some kids in the program I am happy with how I have done. I still absolutely love Chiropractic and I can't wait until I'm in practice. Currently we are learning cervical adjustments and it is so fun and it makes me feel like a real Dr. Also we are finally done with the basic science portion of the program so from here on out it gets a whole lot more clinical. Also, the highlight of last quarter was I got my first chiropractic table. It's a portable one and I love it.

3rd Anniversary
T and I celebrated our third anniversary on the 23 of December. We were in TX for the Christmas break. We did something a little different this anniversary, we took gifts to underprivileged kids in the San Antonio area. It was part of a program called Elf Louise. It's been going on for a long time in San Antonio and this year my in-laws thought it would be fun to participate. When you get involved you have the option of doing a few different things. You can either wrap presents or you can deliver them. In the past, my in-laws wrapped gifts. This year we decided to deliver. And if you deliver, of course someone has to be Santa. Guess who? Yours truly. It was one of the sweetest experiences ever. Mind you it is TX and even in December it still can be warm. Because I was in full Santa gear--with pants, boots, jacket, pillow for my stomach (I should have used two because I was a little on the scrawny side), full beard, wig, and hat--let's just say it was super-duper hot. I was sweating like crazy. But if you had seen the look on some of the kids faces you would have realized that it was all worth it. It was so fun to bring the joy of Christmas into the hearts of kids and families. Next time we go to TX I hope to do it again...maybe it will be a little cooler outside.

Christmas In Texas
We spent the Christmas break in Texas with T's family this year. It was awesome! We had a blast. Everyday was full of fun activities and good times with the family. Some of our activities included: Elf Louise, a Spurs vs. Blazer game (the Blazers won, whoo whoo), Christmas Eve tradition of eating homemade soups for dinner (delicious), Christmas morning and being surprised by T's mom with homemade Snuggies (just about the best gift ever, thanks again), T had a baby shower with some of her friends and family, a night away at a bed-and-breakfast in Austin, and finally, an afternoon at Six Flags. When it was all over I didn't want to leave. I could have stayed another ten days. Plus, I got my favorite Mexican food, Taco Cabana, almost every day...who wouldn't enjoy that.

Wedding shoots
I was given the opportunity, as soon as we got back from TX, to help and friend in the ward photograph two weddings. I have always loved photography, however, shooting weddings have always given me a bit of anxiety. T and I got a new, nice DSLR for our Christmas gift to each other and to use when we have our baby so I thought it would be fun to see what it could do in a wedding situation. Still, I was nervous since I hadn't done any photography since I left Idaho and I felt rusty. My buddy assured me that everything would be fine and I should go and have fun with it. He taught me so much in those two days I feel really grateful. It was so fun. I never thought I would ever enjoy shooting a wedding but it wasn't bad at all. I hope I get another opportunity because I would like to continue getting better. I also think I could learn a lot more from my friend, he is a really great photographer and a lot of fun to work with.

New Apartment
We moved apartments in preparation for our baby. We stayed in the same complex, we just moved into a two bedroom. It was relatively painless. Thanks to my mom and dad for helping us move the bigger items and clean the old place.

Baby Boy
As you know from reading T's blogs that our little boy is still growing and we are just sitting and waiting from him to get ready to come out. Even though T has done a great job keeping everyone posted I'd like to share a few of my thoughts.

Life has already started to change. It's a good change though. T and I weren't planning on getting pregnant when we did but we weren't avoiding it either. Let's just say it was a shock when we found out. But over the last eight and a half months my whole mindset has changed. I think I've matured and grown up. I've realized that life isn't about fulfilling T and my interest anymore, we know we have to put or interest into raising a wonderful boy.

If you were to ask me a few years ago when T and I got married when we would have kids I would have responded, "Not for a long, long time!" I have never considered myself to be much of the "kid" type. I knew I would one day have a family but it always scared me (and still does for that matter). Kids pretty much drove me nuts because they are loud at times, crazy and uncontrollable at other times. They cry and can't take care of themselves; they poop, pee, throw up, and drool all over the place. Not my kind of fun.

But if you were to ask me now how I feel about having a little boy in a few days to weeks, I would reply with a simple, "I can't wait!" I have no idea how it happened but I am waiting on pins a needles for this little guy to show his face. When I look at his clothes I picture him in them. When I look in his room I see him sleeping or playing with his toys. I want to be a dad so bad. When I look at the little kids in our ward I want to play with them. Nothing about them annoys me. I imagine them as if they were mine. I know it's going to be hard but I am ready...I'm ready to be a father.

Here's a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Elf Louise-Handing out some candy to the local kids

Giving out some gifts

Got to have a photo with Santa

At the end of the night...I'm super sweaty

Our Christmas Snuggies...How awesome are these?

Our room at the Bed-and-breakfast

Riding the Scream...what a rush!

Who's that idiot?

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Baby Update-36 Weeks

This is the updated belly pictures I am about 36 weeks here. Sorry it took so long to post. I just had my 38 week appointment and my doctor measured me at 34 weeks. She was a little concerned so she decided to do an ultrasound to make sure our little boy was growing properly. The results came back that he was right on track to where he should be. He was weighing in at a little over six pounds and all his measurements were fine. That was good news to hear. So now we are just playing the waiting game. It could happen any day. Hopefully sooner than later.