Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I wanted to dedicate a post to my mom. I shared my labor story on this blog, but I have not shared the drama after labor. My mom was able to spend three weeks with us after TJ was born and I don't think I could have made it the first three weeks of TJ's life without her. As soon as we brought TJ home, we knew he was a different baby than Camo was. He cried incessantly and J and I had no idea how to handle all the crying. J was only able to get a couple days off of work so when he went back I was so grateful my mom was able to step in and help with Camo and the baby. My mom would take Camo out all morning while I stayed home with the baby. I was so grateful for this because it meant that Camo took a great nap in the afternoon. Camo was also hard the first three weeks of TJ's life. He was acting out a lot which I assume is normal for a 2 year old, not to mention we had recently moved and a brand new baby to add to that. My mom helped a lot with the disciplining considering I was so exhausted after delivery and TJ not sleeping well at night.

Then about a week after delivery I developed mastitis again.I had this with Camo as well.  I started feeling a bit feverish and then went to take a shower. I had to yell at my mom to come in the bathroom to help me because I started getting extremely lightheaded and thought I was going to pass out. My mom said when she walked in the bathroom I was white as a ghost. She quickly helped me into a towel and I laid me down right on the bathroom floor. I was shaking so bad that she had to bring a heavy blanket to wrap me in. Once again, what would I have done without her in that incident. She was a true lifesaver. It took me about an hour to gain my color back and stop shaking. At that point J was home from work wondering what all the commotion was. That whole night was miserable because I was running a very high fever from mastitis. We decided the next morning to go to the Urgent Care to get on some antibiotics. While we were leaving the Urgent Care to go home Camo wasn't cooperating and would not come to the car. I started feeling lightheaded again and headed straight back into the Urgent Care. I found the closest couch and plopped right onto it. Meanwhile my mom was holding TJ's carseat, chasing after Camo, and worrying about me. They took me in a wheelchair back into the Urgent Care and ran a few tests on me. Slowly I regained my color again and started to feel better. The doctor told me that I was probably getting lightheaded because of the infection mixed with exhaustion and stress.   Once again, how would I have handled that situation without my mom.

After getting over mastitis I slowly started gaining my energy back. On top of helping me with the kids and dealing with the health issues I was having,  she was doing many other things around the house. She made me french toast every morning. For some reason I craved that. She did all the laundry plus folded it, cooked, cleaned and basically kept Camo fed, dressed, entertained every day. She held TJ while I napped. My mom was also such a great companion to have around while J was gone at work all day.

I could not have asked for a better mother and grandmother to my kids. She is the most kind, giving, loving, service oriented person who puts other people before herself. I know that she loves to workout, but she sacrificed a month of not working out because she knew that I needed her help throughout the whole entire day. Thank you mom for all you did and still continue to do for me. I wished you didn't live miles away, but I enjoy being with you when I get to see you. We love you Grandma (or Grandpa according to Camo)!

Friday, August 3, 2012


It has been a month since TJ has been born. It has definitely been an adjustment having two kids at home. I feel that I am just now starting to get the hang of things. TJ has been quite a different baby than Camo was. He cries a lot more and it's hard knowing what to do for him. I am so grateful to have had my mom here for 3 weeks. We got off to a rough start when we brought TJ home and I am so happy that she was here to help. I got mastitis and was down for a few days and on top of that I kept having fainting spells. I think  it was the stress of everything.  I will say that in the last week TJ has gotten better. Maybe it's because I am getting used to it and can find ways to soothe him. He is eating and sleeping well at night which is a definite plus. Last night he only woke up at 4 to eat so he had a good stretch of 5 hours. I am so grateful he sleeps at night because that is what helps me get through his crying during the day. I had an appointment at 3 weeks and he was 8 pounds 9 ozs. and 21 inches long. He really is such a cute baby and we are so happy to have him in our family.

Camo took a couple weeks to adjust to the new baby as well. He was acting up a bit which I think is normal. I think it's hard for him to have to share his parents with another child. In the last week Camo has been better as well. I think he is getting used to having a baby at home. The other day we were at the park and my dad grabbed TJ's carseat to help me get him in the car. Camo started shouting "Mommy, grandpa is taking TJ, we have to get him back." I think he thought grandpa was trying to take him home. LOL.

Camo is getting to be such a big boy. I was just telling J that I can have a full on adult conversation with him. He is so smart. He has been saying the cutest things as well. The other day in the car he said, "Baby TJ is my best friend." That just made me smile as I thought that one day they would be good friends and be able to play together. Camo has been into music lately. He loves to dance and anytime we are out and about and he sees someone playing an instrument he will stop and stare. His favorite instrument right now is the drums. The Children's Museum has a room designated for music with a drum set. He played on that for hours. He still talks about wanting to go back and play the drums. Camo's favorite show right now is Dora the Explorer. Hopefully he is learning some Spanish.:)

 Here are some pictures of the boys. I just realized that I have not taken any pictures with the boys. Hopefully when I decide to dress up for his blessing we will get a few shots with me in some of them. I havn't really been in the mood to have any pictures taken of me.