Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good Times, Better Friends

An old roommate from BYU-Idaho and his wife visited us from Idaho this last week. I'll refer to them as A and S (just in case they want to remain private with their names). A and I became roommates during my 3rd year at BYU and at first we butted heads a bit. We had a few things in common but not much more than that. As time went on we became really close and our personalities started to mesh really well.

When A met S I was there every step of the way; getting the details, giving advice and watching their relationship grow. When T and I went on our first date we were actually with A and S.

At our wedding, A and S were right there to celebrate with us and encourage us as we started our life together. They continued to date and A and I kept in touch, though it was different not chatting every night and playing "Would you Rather" until the wee hours of the morning (he knows what I'm talking about).

Eventually, A and S took the plunge and got married. T and I were there to do as they had done for us and we couldn't have been happier for them. Watching them get sealed together was a blessing for us as much as it was for them. The the best part of all was they moved in right next door to us. Many a boring nights, for T and I, were livened up by going next door unannounced and hanging out with them. T took extra advantage of them by going over and asking for movies to borrow, music to download, and candy to eat...often interrupting their private life (if you know what I mean).

They were the last people we saw before we left Idaho for good and since we left we have been begging them to come and visit us (along with other friends, you know who you are).

That's just a taste of how close A and I became while we were roommates.

Finally our wish came true and they visited for a few days. We wanted them to stay longer but A had to get back home for a FBI interview. While they were here T and I tried to show them as much of beautiful Oregon as we could in hopes to persuade them to move here when S is done with dental hygiene school.

T and I are honored that they came. It is a long, long, long drive from their house to ours and for them to come all that way just for a few days really shows how much they care about us.

We love you guys and wish you well until the next time we hang out.

PS- We didn't take a single picture of them while they were here...we're idiots. But I did take this picture and it is awesome. So here you go.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chef Validation

I know I shouldn't brag but I need to validate T's blog about me cooking. This last Friday a club on campus sponsored a chili, corn bread, and cobbler cook off. I decided to enter into all three categories. I got out of school early Friday, so I slaved away making chili, corn bread, and blackberry cobbler.

My corn bread didn't place, the cobbler came in second (the first place was given to an apple crisp...not even a cobbler...oh well), and the chili came in first. I actually thought that the cobbler had the best chance of winning, and the chili was hit or miss. It was a lot of fun and I'm super excited to actually have taken home a prize for my home cookin'. With both prizes I got $70 to spend at our bookstore.
Winner, Winner, Chili Dinner

Second Place Cobbler