Thursday, April 3, 2014

Wildlife Safari

We recently found a Travelzoo deal for the Wildlife Safari. We hadn't heard too much about it, but thought it looked like a super fun place to take the boys. We ended up getting it and told Camo we would take him there for his birthday. We ended up going a couple months after so that the weather was a little nicer. Camo asked everyday how many more sleeps until the Wildlife Safari. He was so excited when the day finally arrived. With the deal we purchased, it allowed us to drive through the safari twice. We got there mid morning and drove through it first, then played at the playground/petting zoo before we drove through it the second time and then we headed home. It was so fun to see the animals so close. There was a giraffe that stood right in the middle of the road so that we couldn't pass. There was an ostrich that almost stuck it's head in our window. It made Camo and I nervous so we rolled up our side of the window. The outdoor area was also really cool. They had a really fun playground for the boys, petting zoo, a cheetah exhibit, reptile area, train, a fish pond and some other really fun things to see. TJ loved the petting zoo. I'm starting to realize that he is quite the animal lover. After we burned a little energy off there, we went back through the safari one last time. I love doing fun things like this with our little family. It was a lengthy drive and day but one that our family will never forget.