Sunday, March 18, 2012

It's a BOY and Update

We decided to do a baby gender party in which we invited some of our family and friends. I have to say that it was pretty darn fun .I had the ultrasound lady conceal the gender pictures in an envelope. My friend who opened the envelope made a cake in the color pink or blue. She was the only person that knew what we were having. When we cut through the cake the next night we weren't surprised to see a blue cake. J and I both felt strongly that we were going to be adding another little baby boy to the family. We couldn't be any happier to be adding another playmate for Camo. Here are some ultrasound pictures. Sorry the pictures are so small, I'm very computer illiterate and I don't know how to make them bigger.

Here are some pictures from the baby gender party.

Pregnancy Update and Recently
I am now 24 weeks along. I am still feeling pretty good minus a little bit of heartburn. I can't complain though. I am definitely getting bigger and feel a little bit bigger at 24 weeks than what I felt like with Camo at 24 weeks. I have gained about 12-15 pounds. I am still running and exercising. Running definitely becomes harder when you have added almost 15 pounds to your body. I am excited to wear maternity clothes in the summertime because they are way cuter than winter maternity clothes. I also am hoping to live at the swimming pool. I guess Camo better learn to love the water.

I just started personal training at a studio. I have absolutely loved having the freedom to train how I please without having to answer to a boss. I feel that my clients like the privacy of not having to work out at a busy gym. I am hoping to bring on a few more clients in the next coming months.

As for J, well he is still reading lots of books as you saw from the last post. He is still in the job hunting phase and will hopefully find something soon. As for now he is enjoying the time off of not having to study and go to school. Camo is going to be really sad when he starts working. He has been spoiled having mom and dad at home.
24 weeks
Camo Update- a little over two years old
Camo amazes J and I with some of the things that he say's and does. We often wonder to ourselves where he learns some of these things. He can sing the whole I Love to See the Temple song and Itsy Bitsy Spider. He can count to ten. He is starting to become extremely independent and is in the I want to do it myself stage. He is very proud of himself when he accomplishes certain tasks. He loves going to the Zoo and Children's Museum. His favorite animal at the zoo is the Hippo. His favorite color right now is pink which is kind of interesting. He loves stuffed animals and we often see him talking to them. He also asks for baby wipes so he can wipe their bum and change their diaper. I wish he would learn to go in the potty. We are still holding back a bit on the potty training. Hopefully he will be ready soon. Camo has been way into trying on shoes and some of his favorites to try on are my high heels. Camo is also in the asking questions stage and it can get very annoying. Especially when I answer him and he say's huh? It's like he wants me to give him more information and there is nothing more to tell him. Camo still loves books and will sit with me for 45 minutes reading books. He loves to go to story time at the library. Here are some recent pictures of Camo.
Here's the proof that he loves books.