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6 months

I should have written this blog a couple weeks ago. I cringe every time I look at our blog and see our last post. I don't want to see a stripped car every time I look at our post but instead a cute little face. I am not talking about J by the way. Anyway I can't believe our little Camo is 6 months old. He is really starting to show his little personality now. He loves to babble. His first word is dadadada. I think that's super cute and I am not jealous one bit. He still won't roll over. He must have that chill personality and doesn't care to go anywhere. He does sit now without support. He doesn't really care too much for solids. I have tried and tried to feed him baby food. Some days he will eat it and other days he won't. If he is really hungry he won't eat any solids until he nurses. He still does pretty good at sleeping through the night except lately because of teeth coming in. Yes, that's right our little Camo has two teeth popping through. The first one he got a couple weeks ago and the second one I just noticed today. Another reason he hasn't been sleeping well is he is sick for the first time ever. He woke up about every hour one night with a fever. Then he was coughing and sneezing a lot. Also a stuffed up nose. Our little Camo has developed his first cold. I would say that is pretty good considering he is six months old. He must have a strong little immune system. Anyway we love him a lot and he is learning so many new things. More pictures to come.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Are You Serious?

Before I go too in depth into what this post is about, I first need to explain the lesson my first counselor gave in Young Men's on Sunday. I have often taught the Young Men and listened to lessons taught to them and put forth much effort to make sure the boys learned something. Never have I thought that a Young Men's lesson could be for me.


Let me start by quoting a scripture from Doctrine and Covenants 64:9-10

Wherefore, I say unto you, that ye ought to forgive one another; for he that forgiveth not his brother his trespasses standeth condemned before the Lord; for there remaineth in him the greater sin.

I, the Lord, will forgive whom I will forgive, but of you it is required to forgive all men.

Forgiveness was the topic for the lesson this last Sunday in Young Men's. No one in the little chapel classroom needed to hear that lesson more than me. In that lesson we discussed a quote from Spencer W. Kimball in which he said (paraphrasing) through forgiving others we can gain freedom. That's an interesting thought since harboring hard feelings towards others actually binds you up inside.

Since Thursday morning I have had the worst feeling towards someone. I don't know who that someone is but the terrible, horrible feelings I have for them are there. All weekend I have been thinking about what happened to me and how I could get revenge. I have been depressed. I have been sad. Anger has shown its face a number of time since Thursday morning. Basically, I have wasted a lot of time and energy being bound by my unwillingness to forgive and forget what this person or group of people did to me. Sundays lesson was so powerful to me but a gut check as well. I am commanded to forgive this person or the greater sin is on me.

Are you kidding me? I am in more of the wrong for what happened to me then the person that wronged me if I can't find it in me to forgive.

The simple answer--yes.


Now, here's what happened (many already know but now you can get the actual account)

I woke up in the morning at my regular time. I ate my breakfast, showered, got ready for the day and read my scripture all in time for my regular departure for school at 7 am. I walked out across the parking lot and around another building of apartments to my parking spot. I was looking at my keys in my hand as to have the car key ready to put in the door to unlock the car so I didn't realize until I looked up that my car was not there. I immediately thought to myself, "Oh, I must have parked on the other side of the lot." I started to turn away when I realized that I remember parking right where my car was missing. I was stunned. My mind began to race. "Was this a joke?" "Did someone move my car?" "Did someone really steal my car?" "Holy crap! My golf clubs are in the trunk!"

I ran inside and very sternly said to T as she was still asleep, "Some took my car, it's gone." She sat straight up as if she was part of a huge pop-up book I had just opened on the bed. "Are you serious?" was all she could reply.

After a few minute of gathering our thoughts we decided we had to call the police ASAP. We gave our report to them and as soon as they left we sat there wondering how this possibly could have happened. And I especially sulked knowing my golf clubs were long gone. The golf clubs T graciously let me buy as a graduation gift even though I haven't graduated yet. The golf clubs we got for a killer deal because we thankfully had a brother-in-law who, at the time, was working for Nike so we had access to employee pricing. The golf clubs I used to play my new favorite game even though I'm still not very good. The golf clubs I used to participate in the only outlet I have from school. Being on a golf course is the one spot where I can free my mind from everything. And finally, the clubs I used with my team to win 2 University of Western States Spring Classic Golf tournaments back-to-back. Now, with the car, that was all gone.

T and I spent most of the next few days wondering if our car would ever be recovered and if so how long would it take. We talked with many people who have also had their cars stolen and most of them got there cars back in anywhere from 3 day to 6 months and most of the time there cars were in okay condition. We had hope.

On Friday night we got a call late in the evening from the police department. Our car had been found and towed. It was described in the report as stripped in the inside and undrivable. My excitement on having our car found was quickly dashed to despair as I realized our car was a mess. During one phone conversation to the towing company I could hear a man in the background saying, "Oh yeah, they did a number on that one." Speaking of my trusty '93 Honda Accord with faded paint on the outside but a peach of an engine under the hood. I tried to ask about the trunk, whether or not anyone had gotten in and took my golf clubs. I could never get a straight answer...nobody seemed to know enough about the exact condition of the car. I was forced to sit on pins and needles still thinking there was a chance the clubs would still be safely stowed in the locked trunk.

We couldn't get into the tow yard until today (Monday) otherwise we would have to pay more fees on top of what we were already going to have to pay to have the car towed and stored at the lot.

Today was a difficult day. On my way to the tow yard I had a sour pit in my stomach. I was all twisted inside knowing we were going to see how some else manhandled a car we took such great car of. When we got there I walked in the run down, nasty office and told the guy I was looking for the stolen Honda Accord they had picked up on Friday. The guy looked at me and started laughing and joking with me about how the crooks had taken just about everything inside the car but they were thoughtful enough to leave me a bucket to sit on at a front seat. I just stared back at him with the most pissed off, serious look I could muster. And with out saying a word he quickly realized I was not in the mood for joking about my stolen and now trashed car with no golf clubs in the trunk, mind you, since he also specifically mentioned the back seat was missing.

Here is what we found:

What a depressing sight! It almost brings a tear to my eye seeing this mess and knowing someone violated T and I, and our car. As you can see they took just about everything. Besides the steering wheel and the dashboard everything else inside the car was stripped out. And a few things were swapped out as well. In the pictures you may notice some paint doesn't match. That's because the front and back door on the driver's side are not mine. The trunk lid is not mine. The front bumper and the front right and left fenders are not mine as well. Oh, and the bucket for a front seat...not mine either. So, they wanted some parts of mine and decided to give me some parts of theirs that they didn't want. Luckily they were nice enough to reattach my license plates to the new front bumper and the new trunk lid. At least I know those aren't on another stolen vehicle.

In the end, my insurance wasn't going to cover any of the loss on the car since I only had liability rather than full comprehensive car insurance. So the car is a wash. My renters insurance should cover the loss of my golf clubs but there is no way I am going to get enough money to replace them. That's the most devastating part. I found a salvage yard that wanted the Honda and they gave me a big whopping 125 bucks. Not enough to subdue the salt in the wound but better than nothing I suppose.

Hopefully, after paying the towing fees I should get a $100 reimbursement from my insurance for the towing. That means after all is said and done we might bank $35 on the Honda. Wow, what a rip off. How is that even right? I get my car and my clubs stolen, my car gets trashed to the point that I can't drive it anymore and then I have to pay all the fees and basically get nothing for the car. Something is screwed up with that system. Maybe I should get into the car lifting business...sounds like a pretty sweet gig.


Now, to come full circle. I haven't gotten to the point of full forgiveness but I know I need to. I have wasted every minute of the day since Thursday bound by my hatred for who ever did this to us. But I will forgive because I am commanded to and I also want to be forgiven for my mistakes. I feel bad for the people who have to steal to make themselves feel better. There is a lot of worse things T and I could have lost. Cars and clubs can be replaced. We still have what's really important. And luckily will still have this which cheers us up every time we look at him.