Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Home Sweet Home

Well a lot has happened in the last couple months which is why I havn't been great at this blogging thing. We bought a house!!! We were originally searching in Wilsonville, OR for a house. We were currently living in an apartment and we really liked the area. J's commute was only 30 minutes to Keizer and he never had any traffic going to work or coming home. We thought it would be a great area to raise our family. As we continued our search we realized how expensive houses were in the area. We had been looking for about 5 months and we were beginning to realize that a house wasn't going to happen. We decided to sign another year lease for our apartment. Then one day, I randomly decided to look on Zillow at houses in Keizer which is just north of Salem. Salem is the capital of Oregon. I thought it would be kind of nice to live close to J's work. I could have him home for lunch and it would take an hour off of his drive time. The thought of living in Keizer didn't really appeal to us because it wasn't as nice as Wilsonville. Then I pulled up Zillow and the first house I saw was beautiful, and we could afford it. I quickly sent the link to J and said check out this house. His response was, "that is a beautiful home, contact our realtor." This came as a shock to me because J wouldn't even have considered living in Keizer a month prior. The house was that nice. We met with the realtor and looked at the home a few days after it was posted. The home was just as nice as what the pictures showed. It had the backyard we wanted for our boys, the nice neighborhood, 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, and more than we could have asked for in our first home. We didn't put in an offer right away because we wanted to fast and pray about it first. We still were not sure we wanted to live in Keizer. We decided it was the right choice for our family and decided to put in an offer two weeks later. Looking back I wondered why there weren't any other offers put in on this beautiful home in those two weeks. Turns out the realtor on the seller's end had been out of town for two weeks so she wasn't showing the house.  I feel like this was a blessing for us because it allowed us to really ponder this big decision we were making. Our offer was accepted, and we purchased our first home!!  I'm not a photographer so don't criticize my picture taking skills. Haha.