Saturday, April 12, 2008

Welcome the Newest Member of the Family

We have a new member of the family, at least for the next five months. Anyone that knows me knows I love turtles; I have for a long time now. My mom used to buy me little ceramic turtles when I was younger and I had always hoped to have a real one someday. The turtle we have is actually one of my old roommate's. He and his wife were living in the same apartment complex as T and I, but now they are heading to D.C. for summer work. They asked if we would take care of it, and of course I excitedly agreed. This is my first--and hopefully not the last--pet since I've been married. T has never had a pet and never, ever wants one; but I am slowly breaking down her reservations. I have had plenty of pets growing up and would love to have plenty of more in the future. This turtle will be the first of others to come...if T will allow it. I've decide to name him Murtle. Here's a few pictures so you can see him.

I just fed him in this picture and he is at the surface looking for more food.

In this picture he's looking out one side of his tank, probably trying to watch TV.

I'm not sure what he's doing here...I think he's working on his dance moves.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

March Moustache Dubbed a Success

I know it's nasty! Remember, that was the point. Anyway it's April 1st so this morning the beloved moustache was shaved off. Before I did so, I took a few pics to show the world. I'm a little disappointed that only a few joined me on this endeavor, but nonetheless, there were those who took the challenge. Because a moustache really doesn't belong on my face, people took notice where ever I went. I had random people say to me, "Nice 'stache." I would reply, "Nice face!" No, not really. I mean, come on, I know the moustache at BYU-Idaho is a little out there, but who in the right mind feels it's OK to comment on someones choice to grow a moustache especially if they don't know the person. I find that strange. Today many were saddened by the loss of my moustache, many believed it was a good luck charm and that I should have kept it until school was out. I was starting to believe the same. T welcomed the shaving, though on Sunday she said I was handsome and it was growing on her. I replied, "No, it's actually growing on me." Personally, I'm sad to see it go; I've been enjoying the warmth it has added to my top lip in these frigid Rexburg mornings. Say goodbye, until next March.