Friday, December 28, 2007

Wedding Anniversary

T and I have hit the one year mark in our marriage. We both agree it has been an interesting ride, to say the least. We had to work hard to learn to live with one another but we seem to be doing just fine. T had a rough bout with birth control in the earlier months of our marriage but after tossing that out the window she has bounced back to her old self. We have shared many laughs and tears in the last year and look forward to sharing more in the years to come.

We spent our evening out at the Melting Pot restaurant which neither of us had been to. It was a fun but long night, cooking one small piece of meat at a time is not my style, I'm too impatient. But the food was delicious and the price tag was large. If I was to go back I'd most likely only have the cheese and chocolate fondue.

A toast: To many more years ahead!

Monday, December 24, 2007


Well, T and I have jumped aboard the blogger bandwagon. I have really gotten into my sisters and her husband's blog (though they think I never read it) and I've decided that a blog seems to be the grown up thing to do now that we are married. My wife and I have both been involved with accounts but that seems to be more childish then anything so I'm moving us up in the world and starting this blog.

What does the title mean? Well, I'm sure you've heard the phrase at some time in your life. I personally believe that this little phrase can sum up just about any situation, circumstance or mishap. For example, you get a sweet parking spot right in front of the doors to Wal.mart (you win some), or you stub your toe for the third time in a week (you lose some). Honestly, start using this saying and I really think your attitude will pick up.

Anyway, without further adieu, we would like to welcome you to You Win Some, You Lose Some.