Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Are You Serious?

My bother-in-law often posts a blog titled Life Lessons, at least that's what I think he calls it. Anyway, in it he tells of interesting encounters or stories of idiot people doing idiot things. I always love to read them and now I am going to start my own called Are You Serious? I chose this title because that's the first question I ask myself when I observe something that I think is idiotic.

My first post in this series of blogs is about cell phone ring tones. Now, I will be first to jump on sweet ring tones and I don't rag on others about theirs, that's not what this is about. What I can't stand is the volume at which we feel we must keep our ringers.

I was sitting in a quite building on campus the other day trying to get some things done before I moved on to my next class. Everyone around me was doing to same, enjoying peace and quiet and the ability to focus, and some even use the silence to catch up on a few Z's. Then, as if the fire alarm had been pulled, this girls phone starts blaring, so loud in fact, the poor fellow napping next to me sat up like he'd awoken from a horrid nightmare. Even while to phone sounded away the owner decided to finish the paragraph she was reading before answering it. Are you serious?

This is not the first encounter I have had with loud cell phone ringers, this is just the frosting on the cake. Why do we have to have our ringers so loud? The darn thing should be in your pocket, in your purse, strapped to your belt, or in some other bag. It's like people want to announce to the world that someone is actually calling them. "Hey everyone, I'm getting a phone call on my cell phone, I am so popular!" What would it be like if every time I got an email I shouted at the top of my lungs, "I got mail!" or "I got an email, I must be popular!" I don't think that would fly so well, in fact I'd probably have less friends than I have right now. No one gives a flying crap when you get a phone call. Let's make a resolve and try to keep our cell phone ringers on low, please.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Starvin' Marvin

So, T and I tried to go 5 weeks instead of our normal four on our monthly grocery supply this last month. It was all going well in the fourth week but when we got to the fifth we quickly ran out of food. We were both determined to make it through the week though. Saturday finally came and we made our trip to Win.Co. We practically bought the store out because we were so hungry and everything look sooo good. If you want to save money when grocery shopping, DON"T GO HUNGRY!

One of the items we bought was a simple frozen pizza and we decided we would eat that right when we got home. So in the oven it went and after 10 or so minutes out it came. Again, remember we were still very hungry. When the pizza came out of the over our brains must have turned off because the pizza spent a few seconds on the cutting board before we were shoving the blistering hot pizza in our mouths. Though it was hot we didn't care we just wanted some sustenance.

We'll to conclude the story, it is now Monday night and T and I are still complaining about the roof of our mouths being burned. That's two whole days later. And when I say I'm complaining it's because even when my tongue barely brushes the roof it hurts. So, the moral of the story is, when your supper hungry eat something cold.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

March Madness Moustache Mayhem

It is march first, which kicks off March Madness Moustache Mayhem. This is an ever growing event at BYU-Idaho that started three years ago with myself and my roommates and has spread to a large following on campus. It started because BYU-Idaho grooming standards do not allow the growing of facial hair except for moustaches. Most agree that moustaches on a 20-28 years old white male is not attractive. Such adjectives as "mollestache" and "mexistache" have been introduced into the English language because of the hideousness of some moustaches. This is of course why I started this event. I love to do things that other people feel are a little off the wall. In my efforts to grow a moustache every March, students have started growing them as well. Some teachers have even said they would join but usually failed to do so because of the refusal of their wives. My wife refuses and that doesn't stop me though.

I would encourage any readers to grow a moustache during March and spread the mayhem outside of BYU-Idaho. I will also post a picture at the end of the month to show everyone the progress of my sweet stache. I would encourage you to do it as well. By the way, this is a male event only...sorry ladies.

Happy growing season!