Sunday, May 6, 2012

Pregnancy, Camo, and Latest Happenings

I am just about 31 weeks now. I can't believe that I will be having another baby in a couple of months. Things have been going well so far. In the last couple of days I have been experiencing some severe indigestion, but other than that I have felt pretty good. I have to sleep with two pillows underneath my head and eat small meals. I am still able to workout and run my 3 miles without feeling too too uncomfortable. It's fun because I usually get to take Camo in the jogging stroller with me. I am so excited for Camo to meet his baby brother soon. I know he will be a great big brother. If you notice in the picture I am popping out more with baby #2.
About 31 weeks with Baby #2
31 weeks with Camo

Camo is turning into such a little man. J and I have been so impressed with his communication skills. The other day he asked to talk to Grandma so I called my mom up and he had a 10 minute conversation with her on the phone. It was so cute. Whenever he knows he is in trouble he is very quick to apologize. He is very sympathetic and is very concerned if someone is hurt. He knows all the names of my friends as well as their spouses and will randomly ask, "How is Steve or Tom doing"? He also hates having things stuck in his teeth. While the missionaries were over for dinner he asked for floss after we ate.  His favorite TV shows are Caillou, Berenstain Bears, Thomas the Train and Kipper the Dog. He loves to play outside and is constantly asking to go for walks. Luckily we have had a few non rainy days here so we get out when we can. He loves to swim and recently we went to and indoor pool. He had so much fun and has no fear of the water.  Camo looks a bit grumpy in this picture, but this is the only recent picture I have of him. I think he had just woken up from a nap.

Now you are probably wondering what J and I are up to. Well, maybe not. J just started working for a doctor in Kaizer which is just a little North of Salem. He has been working there for the last couple weeks and has liked it so far. He really likes the other doctors that work with him and is already gaining so much experience. The commute has been hard on him though since it takes about an hour to get there. We are thinking of moving to a town called Wilsonville which is a bit closer to his work.  Nothing new with me besides chasing after a two year old as well as working at my new studio as a personal trainer. I love all my clients and am so grateful to have the opportunity to train independently.