Friday, February 8, 2013

Camo's 3

Our little baby is 3 years old. I can't believe it. It seems like yesterday I was pregnant with him wondering what he was going to look like. Camo is such a joy to be around when he's fed and well rested.:) He really is a well behaved little boy. I couldn't have asked for a better big brother for Turner.
He loves to hang out with daddy in the morning before he leaves for work. They have had many deep conversations.  J say's that he enjoys that part of his day the most.
Camo is so full of life and always wondering what's on our agenda for the next day. Some of our favorite places to go are the zoo, library, Mcdonald's, The Children's Museum, the park, swimming pool/hot tub, jump place, and gymnastics open gym.
Camo also loves to sing and recently we have listened to him singing songs in his bed before he falls asleep. He has memorized too many songs to count.  He also loves to listen to other people play instruments or sing. I have no musical ability so J will have to be the one to help him with that talent.
He has been watching TV a bit more  because of the winter. We are not able to get out as much with the rain and cold weather. His new favorite show is called Mighty Machines. He loves any type of big machinery whether it be garbage trucks, cement mixers or airplanes.
He is also extremely funny. Our pediatrician for the boys is growing his beard out. He got up to say the closing prayer in church and we asked Camo who was saying the prayer. He answered, Jesus Christ. J and I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire prayer. He makes me laugh now on a daily basis.

This year we decided to do a low key birthday party for him because his last two birthdays we went all out. He opened presents on his birthday from us. He got a set of golf clubs and a toy dog that barks and walks. I told him and J that the toy dog was as close to a real dog as they were going to get.  We took him to the driving range to hit some balls and he really enjoyed it. We then celebrated with cake and ice cream at my sister in law's house that weekend. I think he had a great birthday. I love this age because they are happy with anything.