Sunday, January 25, 2009

What The Heck Have You Been Up To?

How come you never blog? How come it's like a month between each of your posts? What's the point of having a blog if you never post? How is everyone supposed to know what you're up to if you never write?

To all the followers of this blog I know what's going through your head. I can't stand it when people take forever to blog either but sometimes you just get busy.
We've had a crazy month. With Christmas, family visiting, having all finals from the Fall quarter canceled until the beginning of this current quarter, and a whole mess of trying to get crap accomplished I just haven't had the time to blog. I was just telling T today that it feels like the only thing I do when I'm at the apartment is sleep.
So here I go...
The Holidays
The break wasn't a break at all, really. Though it was fun and eventful I think I put over 1500 mile on the cars in two weeks and never left the Portland metro area. It's crazy that such a task is possible since almost a whole week was spent without leaving the apartment due to the blanket (or six blankets) of snow we had. We spent Christmas Eve with T's sister and her family. Then woke up Christmas day and watched her kids open presents. Then we headed to my Grandmas house and had dinner with her and her husband. She isn't in the best of health right now and it's pretty sad. She has always been a wonderful grandma and I have great memories of visiting her when I was little. I love you Grandma.
New Years eve we spent at some friends of my sister and we pretty much ate or brains out and played Rock Band until the cows came home. No joke, I think we played for about 8 hours straight. At any rate, I know we played until 3 in the morning. Wow!
Back to School
Because most of my finals got postponed I had to take them the second week of school. I did well. In fact, the only B I got on a test all quarter came on my last biochem test. Luckily, it didn't keep me from get an A in the class. So, I am proud to announce that for the first time ever I got a 4.0 GPA in a term. I don't mean to brag but I have always had a goal to get straight A's in a term and I was finally able to pull one out, and in grad school of all places. We'll see if I can do it again.
Best Wife on the Planet
I know most people know how awesome my wife is but I don't know if you really know how awesome my wife is. When it comes to letting me buy things she is always more willing to give in then I am for her. To be honest, I rarely give in to letting her buy anything...but I'm working on it because she gives in for me. Speaking of...
I have been getting more involved with golf and have been wanting to get a new set of clubs for some time now. I have had my eye on the new Nike Victory Reds, yep, the same sticks Tiger Woods now has in his bag. I, of course, wanted the full cavity irons unlike the blades Tiger plays. They are more forgiving then his. When T's sister's husband got a job with Nike the possibility opened up for me to maybe get some new clubs at a Nike employee price, which is about half off. So the wheeling and dealing began. I asked T if I could could get new clubs as a graduation gift from chiropractic school. She was pretty quick to agree. I then asked her if I could get an early graduation gift. She was not as quick to agree but eventually did. Also, through Nike I not only could get employing pricing but Nike offers a custom fitting at a local golf course. Last weekend I spent 2 and a half hours with a golf pro fitting some clubs. On Friday they finally came.

The full set: SQ Sumo woods, Victory Red Full Cavity Irons,
and Nike Tiempo blade putter

Nike SQ Sumo 5900 driver, SQ Sumo 3 wood, and SQ Sumo 3 hybrid

Victory Red Full Cavity Irons, Gap wedge-4 iron. Aren't they pretty?

I went golfing that afternoon and realized I'm the same old crap golfer with a very expensive set of clubs. I now need some lessons and more hours on the course to improve my game.

Not only is T the greatest wife ever for letting me get new golf clubs but she has been willing to try some of my hobbies as a way for us to do more things together. I tried picking up her hobbies but running a million miles a day isn't my kind of fun. So T came up to the mountain with me this weekend and tried her skills out at snowboarding. She was a typical beginner for about the first minute and then she was picking it up rapidly. Anyone who has snowboarded will never forget their first time. It's rough, tiring, cold, hot, frustrating, scary, annoying, and painful all at the same time. And the morning after is much worse. You'll be lucky to get out of bed the day after you try snowboarding the first time. Ahhh, not T! She was a champ. Yes, many of the above characteristics of a first time snowboarder occurred but she was still amazingly good for a newcomer. And the morning pain thing I described...a sore tailbone was her only complaint. I'm so proud of her and am super excited, because if T likes snowboarding enough, that means I get to go more. Now that's worth spending a few bucks on.

T ready to tackle the mountain