Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How About a Baby Update

Enough about the cat updates, what about our baby. We had our second doctor's appointment today. We were able to actually hear the baby's heart beat. It was so cool because the doctor first found my heart beat which was really slow and then he moved it over to the left a little bit and we heard the baby's. It was going about 150 beats per minute. It was super cute and made me want to cry. I am definately getting way more excited. We won't find out the gender for another 8 weeks, but are really anxious to know. J wants a boy and I kind of wanted a girl, but now I am thinking that would be really cute to have a boy.

I still feel pretty good. I am extremely happy that I've been able to keep up my daily exercise routine. I also havn't had to cancel on one client since being pregnant. Anyway we will keep you posted.

12 weeks
Do I look pregnant yet?

Monday, July 27, 2009


The cat had her babies!

We don't know where they are but we have a general idea...I stalked her the other day after she got done eating.

A few days ago she was sitting on our back door mat, as usual in the morning. I gave her food and she just gave it a quick smell, turned, and walked away very limber and slow. I knew she was about to burst as she left without eating. She didn't return to our back door for a couple of days and I really started to get worried.

Finally, on Saturday, she came back. She had obviously had her litter. She was much thinner and practically inhaling the food I gave her. After she ate, she didn't stick around as she normally had. She left...and I followed.

I stalked her two properties over until she spotted me. Then she sat under a bush and just watched me. She was not about to reveal where her babies were. I didn't stay long because I didn't want to make her nervous. She only comes in the morning now to eat, most likely to not leave her babies alone at night.

I'd like to find then before something happens to them. Last night, I saw a raccoon wondering around, which made me nervous. Hopefully the kittens are OK.

I'll keep you posted if anything changes.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Major Dilemma...Need Your Help!

There is a current situation that I need some serious help with. I hope all our readers will comment and give me some advice.

First, I need to take a minute and explain where I'm coming from. I am, and always have been, a major animal lover. I love their company and unconditional love. I find the suffering of animals to be so sad and cannot bear it. You could say animals have a large soft spot in my heart. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. A few years back I was watching a horse race on TV and one of the horses broke it's leg during the race and there would have been no way to save the leg so they put the horse down to relieve it's suffering. It broke my heart and I had to turn the TV off.

Now the current issue. A cat showed up on our back porch a few weeks back and she looked starving. I gave her some milk and turkey in hopes to give her a little sustenance. To make a long story short, she has showed up every night since and is now starting to come during the day as well. To make my anxiety worse, she is unmistakeably pregnant. Now I'm taking care of two pregnant women! Since she's been coming I have noticed her fattening up a little and her coat of fur looks much better. She was first super skittish, running away every time I opened the sliding door. Now, I'll sit outside and she allows me to pet her. She's adorable and I wish I could keep her but our apartment has a 'no pet' policy. T thinks we should call the Humane Society. I think we should keep feeding her and hope she has the litter outside our apartment, then we'll move to another apartment and keep her and her babies.

My anxiety is getting worse by the day as I see her getting further along in her pregnancy.

What should I do?

Here's some cute pictures of her to help you devise your advice.

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Time to Let the Cat out of the Bag

So, we have been keeping this a secret for a while now, but really it's because neither one of us have had the time to do any blogging lately. We are having a baby. When we found out I was definitely scared and started crying, but having a husband that is super excited has helped. I had my first doctors visit on July 2nd and I was 9 weeks along. My due date is February 7. J has decided to call the baby Peanut because the doctor told us it looked like a peanut in the ultrasound. I'm sure the doctor tells everyone the baby looks like a peanut at the beginning, but J insists. I guess it's kind of cute. I asked the doctor when morning sickness was going to kick in, but he said if I haven't felt anything I may not. I am now about 11 weeks along and almost out of my first trimester and still haven't felt a thing. I have still been doing my daily exercise routine without a problem. I know some of you mothers are cursing me right now. We are both very excited and we'll keep you updated along the way.