Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sajovic Family Newsletter 2009

I think the first post I ever wrote was on this day two years ago. It was T and I's first anniversary and I decided it was time to start a blog.

This year, it is our third anniversary and it has been an exciting year. After moving to Oregon last year we have been busy in many ways.

T has been working at Bally Total Fitness since we moved here. She is a personal trainer and very good at it. The beginning of the year marked the time where she started to get very busy. In the last year she spent two of the months in the top five in all Oregon and Washington in most sales, one of those months she was number one. She has had a new fitness director almost every couple of months and every time a new one comes in they fall in love with T. They love her effort, her work ethic, and her passion for health and fitness. Speaking of love, her clients love her more then they love their own kids. All her clients are female and each one acts like another mother to her. Sometimes T will go hang out with her clients since they get along so well.

I have also been busy. Since moving to Oregon I have been working on getting my Doctor of Chiropractic at Western States Chiropractic College. I have spent many hours in the library and taken more exams then I would like to count. It has been hard at times but overall I am really enjoying it. I can tell I am going to enjoy helping people through Chiropractic.

The most exciting event this year is the news of a new addition to our family. We're going from 2 to 3. It's a boy and T and I have gotten very excited in the last few months to welcome him into the world. He should be here sometime in early February.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby Update

Here is me at 33 and a half weeks. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. We will have our little boy in less than six weeks. We are leaving for Texas tomorrow so we are crossing our fingers that he will wait until we get back to enter this world.