Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Happy Holidays!!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Great Wolf Lodge

My nephew Sam just had a birthday in December so my sister-in-law decided to surprise him with a trip to Great Wolf Lodge. She invited us to come along and honestly I think I was more excited to go than Camo or J. I love water parks and I knew they had a really cool indoor water park. It was a lot of fun and I think Camo and his cousins had a blast. We started the day off with fun at the water park. Then that night they had a story time for the kids which was super cool. The next morning we had an awesome breakfast buffet and finished our stay at the water park for one more day. J and I were definitely exhausted after the couple days we were there, but it was a lot of fun.

Murder Myster Party-Circus Style

For the past few years that we have been here a very good friend has been planning these Murder Mystery Parties. Each year they just get better and better. I think it's more my attitude. I was a little shy the first one that we did and I couldn't really get into character very well. J has never had a problem with any of the parties. He is great at acting. I will say each party I have done better and better and I am slowly getting better at staying in part. The first year I was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz. The second year I was a saloon girl. This year I was a trapeze artist along with J being my trapeze artist partner if you could imagine. I was able to pull out my old leotard from high school gymnastics and it was perfect for my costume. J also found a leotard at goodwill. I can't believe he was actually brave enough to wear it. I have to admit that this has been my favorite murder mystery party. Everyone had such great costumes and the food was so delicious. I was the victim in the party so halfway through I died and we all tried to figure out who had murdered me. In the end it was Ruby, the clown. Here are some fun pictures from the party.
Dorothy and Bob Marley

Sheriff and Saloon Girl

School Gala

J and I had the opportunity a few weeks back to go on a boat cruise on the Willamette River. The occasion was J's school's holiday party. We weren't going to go, but the tickets were very reasonable and it would have been the last time a lot of us got together for a night out before everyone graduates and moves on. I am so glad we decided to go because it did not disappoint. The only downfall was that it was super duper crowded inside because nobody wanted to be outside on the top deck. The night was filled with unlimited amounts of finger foods, hot chocolate, and lots of dancing. Yes I will admit we did a little bit of dancing. Overall it was an awesome night and we had a great time with all of our friends. To end the night J and I went to a favorite little restaurant of J's called O'Connors. J has been raving about this place since we have been married. He said that it's a restaurant where he used to take all of his dates. The big hype of it is the dessert called the bananas foster's. It was so delicious and we will definitely be going back just for dessert. Here are some pictures from the night.