Saturday, July 10, 2010

4th of July

We spent the fourth of July at J's sister and brother-in-laws block party. There was a live band, food, and lots of fireworks. It was fun minus the firework that I swear came right at me. I don't know if I mentioned that I am deathly afraid of fire or anything that has to do with fire. Also a firetruck came right before the party started. All the kids were super excited. Here are some pictures that once again J took. Aren't the firework pictures awesome!!?

Beverly Beach Camping Trip

We also were able to go camping during J's school break. We went with some friends that live upstairs from us. We had a blast and Camo did great. He slept really well at night and surprisingly I did as well. I am not sure that J can say the same thing. He say's he never sleeps well when he camps but that never stops him Here are some highlights of the trip. Yes I realize most of the fun was eating.

-playing phase ten by the campfire
-eating at Mo's in Newport
-walking around on the beach that we were able to walk right up to from our campsite
-eating smores
-eating foiled dinners and realizing what fatties J and I are (the picture of our foiled dinners will explain)
-eating french toast, eggs, and bacon
-eating pineapple upside down cake
-eating many other snacks and treats that aren't good for you
-wondering how our friends managed to sleep in the tent that they did with a one year old
-sitting and laughing by the campfire


Well J just recently finished painting the change table that one of our friends gave to us when Camo was born. Camo is now five months old. J has been super busy with school and the last break he had it was pouring rain the entire time. Another reason why It got put off for so long is because I really don't think J likes to paint very much. He said he had to paint a lot growing up and is sick of it. Nonetheless the paint job got finished and the change table looks great!! We still use it even though Camo is quite a bit older.

Zoo Fun

During J's two week school break we were able to do lots of fun things. We went to the zoo one of the first days he had off. It was a lot of fun. I think the polar bears are my favorite with the monkeys following closely behind. J got really into taking lots of pictures while we were there. I am super impressed with some of the shots he was able to get. He is very talented when it comes to taking pictures. And yes that owl does have a mouse in his mouth. Disgusting.

5 months old

Camo just recently turned 5 months old. I can tell that he is really exploring the world around him now. He is not quite rolling over yet. I think he has rolled over from his stomach to back a total of three times since he was born. I know he will catch on soon. We are also trying to teach him to sit up. He will sit for about 10 seconds then fall over.

He now can get completely out of his swaddler. This isn't the normal swaddling with a blanket, it is an actual swaddler that makes it hard for babies to get out of. If you notice the picture of him sleeping, his legs are supposed to be inside the swaddler. I think I am going to start to ween him off of it.

He has started to wake up at 2:00 a.m every night begging for food so now I am back to feeding him once in the night. I tried rice cereal, but he didn't seem to like it. Just look at the pictures of him eating it and that will explain. I am still trying to give it to him before bed in hopes that he will not wake up in the night to eat. He must be growing.

He is very smiley and laughs a lot. We just can't get enough of our little Camo.