Monday, August 19, 2013

Happy Birthday TJ

I have been terrible at this blogging thing lately. Turner is almost 14 months and I havn't even blogged about him turning a year. At his 12 month appointment he was 20 pounds 11 ounces(20%) and 29 inches(24%). He loves airplanes. Whenever he hears an airplane he points up to the sky and say's oooo. He also loves doggies. That was one of his first words. Too bad if it was up to me we will never have a dog. J and the boys may win eventually. He also say's mommy, ball, Camo, bye bye. He loves to dance whenever we turn the music on. He is sleeping wonderfully. Camo and TJ are sleeping in the same room right now and they have been doing great. TJ still takes a morning and an afternoon nap which is nice. He is such a fun boy and loves to laugh. He likes anybody that will give him attention. He loves his thumb and blanket. He gets very upset when I try to wash it. He walks around the house whining for his blanket. He now officially walks everywhere. Around 12 months he would crawl more than walk but everyday he has transitioned more into walking. He still isn't too impressed with the swimming pool like Camo was at his age. Hopefully that will change because Camo and I love to swim. TJ started out rough, but has turned into a fun loving, adorable,  sweet boy. We love him so much.

For his birthday we did a barbecue at our swimming pool. We invited a few of our friends. It was a lot of fun watching TJ dig into the cake.

Monday, August 12, 2013

4th of July

We had another great 4th of July this year. I think this is the 4th or 5th year in a row we attended my sister and brother in law's block party. There is always a lot of good food, fireworks, and a live band. J and I decided why July 4th is such a great holiday. No work, no worrying about getting presents for anyone, lots of  food, family, and of course fireworks. It doesn't get any better than that. Camo enjoyed being with his cousins. He adores his older cousins and they all play so well together. Camo enjoyed riding his bike and holding the sparklers. TJ enjoyed the swing.

Not a Great Start to the Summer

During the month of June we had a few warm days that we took advantage of to go to the pool. Shortly after Camo broke his wrist. It all started at the beginning of June when Camo was playing on our computer chair that swiveled. He decided to jump off of it and landed on his wrist. He was complaining about it for the next few days, but was still playing on it so I decided not to take him to the doctor. Then about 3 weeks later he was running around in our living room, tripped over some toys, landing right on the same wrist. We heard a snap and clearly you could see a deformity. He didn't belt out crying, but he was definitely in pain and crying softly. He was such a  brave boy. We immediately grabbed TJ out of his crib and and we all went to the emergency room. According to the xrays, his ulna and radius were indeed broken. They gave him some medicine to sedate him, set it and put him in a splint. He was in a splint for a few days before we took him to the orthopedist to have him put in a hard cast. When the orthopedist looked at his x rays, she asked if he had a previous injury. I told her about he computer chair incident. She told me that he had a fracture from the first fall and they would have put him in a cast had I brought him in to have x rays. I felt terrible, until she told me that it happens a lot to kids and they heal just fine without a cast. That's probably why he completely broke through both bones the second time because his wrist was so weak from the first fracture. You live and learn. He only had to have the cast on for 4 weeks, but it felt so long. He couldn't swim which was a bummer considering July was really hot. He also had to wear a plastic bag over it when he took a bath. We all survived and I can happily say that he is now cast free.

A couple funny things he said after he was coming out of the sedation.
"Daddy, why did you have 4 eyes?"
"Mom, that ride was fun at the hospital. It was kind of like a merry go round."

Also the 3 days before he got his cast on we kept asking him what color cast he wanted. He kept saying pink which we were okay with. Then the day of, he told me that he no longer wanted pink because pink was for girls. Ha. I have no idea where that came from.

I will add some more pictures showing the break when I get them from J's phone.