Thursday, September 27, 2012


Ever since TJ was born, I have not done a blog post about his best big brother Camo. There are so many things I need to update about Camo. He has definitely hit 2 years old. He is such a smart kid which leads to talking back and plenty of time outs in the last few months. He loves to go out and do fun things just like his mom. We have enjoyed the zoo, children's museum, gymnastics center, library, Oaks Park, parks, spray parks and the swimming pool this summer. I tell you this kid is not deprived of fun. He still really loves to read and has a few of his favorite books memorized. His favorite TV shows right now are Dora the Explorer, The Backyardigans, Go Diego Go(he is learning lots of Spanish), Super Why, and of course Caillou. He also loves riding his scooter. He is a daredevil on that thing. He scares me when he goes up a hill and then comes down it. He still really loves drums and will put on my sunglasses and use 2 pens as drumsticks and play pretend drums. I am wondering if I should break down and buy him a drum set. Actually I don't think that's happening. His favorite song right now to sing is Take Me out to the Ball Game which he knows all the words too. He knows all his ABC's and can count to 15.  He also absolutely loves to dance and begs for us to turn music on. Another favorite thing he likes to do is watch old videos of himself. It's pretty cute when he laughs at the videos. He is finally in his big boy bed and never gets out of it. He sleeps wonderfully unlike his brother. He still isn't potty trained, but we have taken a few steps towards it. He has been saying some pretty funny things lately. He articulates words so well and is such a great talker. We love you Camo!

"Uh oh, I think I just pooped. Uh maybe it was just a toot"

Me asking,  "Camo do you want to go to the big boy potty?"
"Um no, I'm not quite ready yet."

"Baby Turner, your my best friend just like Travis"(Travis is a friend of Camo's from our old ward).

Elderly man at church asks, "Can I have a sip of your water?"
"Um no, it's not for big boys.(I think he was trying to tell the man he was old.)

Our car was having a lot of issues before we finally bought a new one. I think I must have been talking about it breaking down a lot. This was Camo before we had purchased our new car.

"Mom we can't drive to the park because our car is going to break down. We need to get a new car that works."

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Beach Trip

We recently took a trip to the beach. We wanted to test out our new volvo s40 that we bought a couple days before. We originally were going to go with some friends, but it ended up just being our little family of 4. We had a lot of fun just relaxing on the beach and eating our lunch that we packed. Camo was a little worried about getting dirty from the sand, but he eventually started to play in it. After we played on the beach a bit, we hit up the Lincoln City outlet malls, stopped and got some saltwater tafffy, and then made our way home. On the way home we saw Spirit Mountain Casino and decided to stop and try their buffet. Thank goodness for a portable dvd player because it allowed us to stay twice as long. If any of you want to enjoy a buffet with a 2 year old, don't forget the portable dvd player. I obviously know that a buffet is a waste of money especially if you don't eat a ton, but the experience was well worth it. They had so many different choices of food. Overall it was a fantastic day and hopefully we will have many more  trips as a family.

July 4th

We went to Aunt M and G's neighborhood block party again for this 4th of July. It's always a blast because they have a live band, food, and fireworks. This has turned into one of my favorite holidays because of this. Camo had a lot of fun this year. This was his first experience playing with fireworks. The fireworks always scare me, especially when I see all the kids lighting them. I have always had a fear of fire. At the party I was sitting next to my sis in law and I was telling her how nervous I get around fire/fireworks. All of a sudden we look over and my bro in law was trying to light a sparkler, but instead of lighting the sparkler the lighter caught on fire. He dropped the lighter and started to stomp on it with his foot but the fire wasn't going out. Someone then got smart and dropped it into the bucket of water. I was definitely fearing for my bro in laws life plus mine. It actually was quite hilarious after all was said and done. My sis in law and I were laughing about it the rest of the night. Here are a few pictures from the night. I thought Camo might be developing the same fear as me with fire, but he got braver as the night progressed. If you notice in the pictures he was worried at first but then he held the sparkler all by himself. There are no pictures of me because I was a couple days away from my due date. I wasn't about to pose for any pictures.

Grand Floral Walk and Parade

I just realized I have not updated on some of the fun things we did this summer. I think that all of these posts were neglected because we were anticipating the birth of TJ. I want to start with the Grand Floral Walk and then parade afterwards that J's family and us participated in. We did this last year and decided that because it was so fun, we had to do it again this year. I am so glad we did because Camo was obsessed with the parade that we watched after the walk. He especially liked all the high school marching bands. Every time they walked by playing he would dance and clap. Camo has a love for music right now, especially the drums. I wish I knew more about music so that I could enjoy it with him. Another highlight of the day was riding the max train downtown. Camo always loves riding the train.  Here are some pictures from the fun day.
                            Aunt M, Cousin Sambo, Camo and I
                                Getting ready to walk
                                    All tired out after a fun filled day
                                 Our family of 3 for only 1 more month
                                         Grandpa and Camo
                                      Clapping for the dancers
                                        Waiting for the train

Monday, September 10, 2012

2 Months

Well TJ has hit the 2 month mark. He has changed into a different baby as of lately. Don't get me wrong, he still cries, but not incessantly like he used to. He is a lot more content. I just had his 2 month check up with the pediatrician. He was 12 pounds 9 ounces in the 75% and 23 1/2 inches long also in the 75%. TJ is exactly 1 pound heavier and 1 inch longer than Camo was at 2 months. He's got some size on our little Camo. TJ also got his shots at his appointment which he was not very happy about. He pretty much screamed the whole afternoon after his shots. Poor guy.

TJ has been starting to do some cute things. He smiles when you look and talk to him. He is cooing a lot. He drools all the time which is not so cute. He still wakes up a couple times in the night. He usually goes down to bed at 9 and wakes up at 3 and then at 6 to eat. He eats about every 3 hours right now during the day. Sometimes he will go a little longer in between feedings. He sleeps in a moving swing the entire night which I know is not a good idea, but it allows me to sleep. We went to Sunnyside, WA with some friends for labor day. We borrowed a swing from a neighbor next door of the house we stayed at. The swing didn't stay on the entire night so I had to keep getting up to turn it back on. Turner woke up a couple more times in the night because of it. I am really worried when we have to break  him from our moving swing. We might have a couple of rough nights sleep training him, but we will make it through. We just love our little family of 4. Stay tuned for an update on Camo. I don't want to neglect him.