Friday, March 25, 2011

My Talking Boy

Camo has always been a talker. He is almost 14 months and I can't believe all the words he is saying. He was late in crawling and is barely starting to walk, but at least he talks. I wonder who he gets that from. Okay I guess I do kind of talk a lot. Anyway I wanted to just write some of the words he has been saying. Camo's favorite word right now is ball. If we read him a book, which he can say as well, he will point to a ball and say it. He say's milk, which can get annoying because he asks for it every 5 minutes. He can say mama, dada, bubble, thank you, bath, moo, ruff ruff, baby, book, ball, milk. He saw his reflection in the window today and pointed and said baby. It was adorable. Another funny thing he does is always crosses his ankles, the reasoning for the one picture.

We also just got rid of the binky which he recently learned to say as well. I gave it to him a lot while on my vacation in Utah because he was really sick. It has been a hard last few days, but I think he has finally forgotten about it. It feels good to just break him from that habit. I also just recently stopped nursing which is kind of sad, but also very nice. Camo is turning into a big boy now!! We just love our little Camo.