Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Sajovic Family Newsletter 2009

I think the first post I ever wrote was on this day two years ago. It was T and I's first anniversary and I decided it was time to start a blog.

This year, it is our third anniversary and it has been an exciting year. After moving to Oregon last year we have been busy in many ways.

T has been working at Bally Total Fitness since we moved here. She is a personal trainer and very good at it. The beginning of the year marked the time where she started to get very busy. In the last year she spent two of the months in the top five in all Oregon and Washington in most sales, one of those months she was number one. She has had a new fitness director almost every couple of months and every time a new one comes in they fall in love with T. They love her effort, her work ethic, and her passion for health and fitness. Speaking of love, her clients love her more then they love their own kids. All her clients are female and each one acts like another mother to her. Sometimes T will go hang out with her clients since they get along so well.

I have also been busy. Since moving to Oregon I have been working on getting my Doctor of Chiropractic at Western States Chiropractic College. I have spent many hours in the library and taken more exams then I would like to count. It has been hard at times but overall I am really enjoying it. I can tell I am going to enjoy helping people through Chiropractic.

The most exciting event this year is the news of a new addition to our family. We're going from 2 to 3. It's a boy and T and I have gotten very excited in the last few months to welcome him into the world. He should be here sometime in early February.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Baby Update

Here is me at 33 and a half weeks. I can't believe how fast this pregnancy has gone. We will have our little boy in less than six weeks. We are leaving for Texas tomorrow so we are crossing our fingers that he will wait until we get back to enter this world.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

31 Weeks

I know your probably getting sick of seeing pictures of my baby bump, but some of my sisters were saying they were sad they didn't get to see me pregnant. So if you are getting sick of all the pictures, sorry. Anyway this is me at about 31 weeks. The baby is kicking a lot. I have my next doc appointment on Wednesday. It is hard to believe that I have less than ten weeks left. I thought this day would never come. We are so excited to welcome this new little boy to our family. I often find myself wondering what he is going to look like. Soon enough we will know!!

On a different note, J is still doing the Chiropractic school thing. He is getting so tired of all the tests he has to take and believe me he takes a lot of tests. I feel so bad for him sometimes. He is such a hard worker and I am so proud of him so far. He is almost halfway done with school and it feels like we just moved here.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Getting Bigger

Here is the updated belly picture. This is me at about 28 weeks. I just had another doctors visit. I had to do the gestational diabetes test. The orange drink really wasn't as bad as everyone was making it out to be, except that nobody told me that you had to drink it in five minutes. That was the hard part. I did it and everything came out normal. I found out though that I have low iron so I am supposed to take an iron supplement. Except for the low iron everything seems to be going fine. The baby is kicking like crazy which is a good thing I guess. It still doesn't hurt to jog so I have kept up with that. It's getting closer. Only 12 weeks away. I guess that puts me into the third trimester. I can hardly believe that it has been that long.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Baby Belly

This is me at about 24 weeks. I really feel that I have popped out. Getting in and out of the car and up and off the couch is a lot harder now. I imagine it is only going to get worse. Things seem to still be going well. We are getting super excited to meet this new little guy.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Summer Fun

Though I was in school for the summer (for the first time in my life), T and I were able to get out and have a lot of fun. All while she has been prego too. Here are some of the activities we participated in over the summer.
Mariners Game
We went to another Mariners game in August. This one was for Ken Griffey Jr. bobble head night. As soon as I found out they were do a Griffey bobble head night I went straight to T and begged her to allow me to buy tickets then straight to the computer to buy them (after her approval, of course). It was about six months before the game so I had been looking forward to this one for awhile.
On game day, as soon as class was over we headed North to Seattle. I wanted to get there early to make sure there would be no reason for me not to get a bobble head. When we arrive there were people everywhere so I started to worry that even though we were 4 hours early I was going to come up empty handed. I took my place in the largest line ever and waited for the gates to open. Luckily, when the gates opened I was able to get in with plenty of time to spare so I got my precious Griffey bobble head.
Once inside the park we headed to our seats, which were fantastic. They were along the right-center field fence. It felt as we were sitting on the field itself.
The game was just as fantastic as the seats and probably even better. Griffey hit a home run, which tapped off the reception of the bobble heads for everyone. The game went into extra innings. The Tampa Bay Rays took the lead in the top of their inning so the crowed got restless thinking the game was over. But in the bottom of the Mariner's inning, Ryan Langerhans hit only his second home run in his major league career to win it all. Incredible.
Side note: I find it interesting how close you feel towards complete strangers next to you when the team both of you are rooting for win in dramatic fashion. I think I high-fived about 5 different random strangers when Langerhans hit his home run. My hand was tingling for awhile after because we slapped fives so hard...the emotions were flowing!

Sample Griffey Bobble Head

All the people to my left waiting for a bobble head

All the people to my right

T and J at our seats

Fairs, Fairs, Fairs
I've decided my favorite time of year is fair season. Fair food has got to be the worst food for you but it taste so delicious. And the people to work/perform at the fair are crazy. For example, the day after the Mariners game T and I headed out to the Tillamook County fair with my brother-in-law and nephew. The purpose was not to just go to the fair but specifically to go to the demolition derby. T and I had never been to one and I have always wanted to. In fact I learned about the derby from my brother-in-law many years ago and I have wanted to go ever since. But since I didn't live in Oregon at that time, I always missed the derby. Finally, we are here for it so we made the trip and I have to say after witnessing such a thing, I can't imagine aver missing it again. It was awesome...maybe one of the coolest events I've ever witnessed. T thought it was pretty fun as well. It's going to become a new tradition; to attend the derby each August.
A few weeks later we hit up the Clackamas County fair. The fairgrounds where this fair takes place is in my home town and when I grew up there I would go every year. It's been many many years since I've been so T and I thought it would be fun to go. I actually think it's one of the better county fairs in Oregon. We walked around and saw the site and then hoarded ourselves on the glorious fair food (pretty much the real reason we went).
The pics below are from the demolition derby.

T in front of the Tillamook Cheese Factories Baby Loaf Bus

The line up for the demolition derby

First heat

Second heat

All out brawl

The Kittens Were Born
We have previously blogged about the prego cat the was showing up on our back porch. She had her babies, but for a long time we couldn't find them. Then one day, after class I was sitting at our desk in our living room and noticed the mama cat was drinking some milk on the back porch. I glanced over and noticed a black mouse-looking thing just on the other side of the mama. I quickly jumped up and saw that it was a little kitten. I immediately sat down on the carpet and watched as a few more kittens arrived. In all, there are 6 kittens and I have named them all.
They are: Grey Bush (my favorite, all grey and super fluffy), Phantom (looks like it is wearing a Phantom of the Opera mask), Tall Socks (has mostly white paws), Short Socks (looks just like Tall Socks but with not as much white on its paws), White Nose (looks just like Short Socks but its nose is white), and finally, Pea Wee (looks like a small version of its mama).
Here's some pics.

All six of them sleeping

Drinking some milk

Sitting with Mama

Labor Day Weekend
We spent our Labor day weekend in Wenatchee, WA with a good friend from my school and his family. Also, a few other friends came from school and we all crashed at my buddy's grandma's house...9 of us in a little house. It was awesome, though the weather didn't cooperate much, we had a blast.
We got on the water everyday but only for a few hours as the wind and rain would pick up soon after getting the boat out. When not on the water we still enjoyed ourselves by playing beach volleyball in the rain, playing touch football, and playing some tennis. We ate better than we do at our own house and we were pampered in every way by my friends grandma. I'll have to write another blog completely dedicated to her because she was one in a million and she treated prego little T like she was royalty.
Here's some pic to enjoy.

T and J on the boat

T getting ready to wake surf

Wake surfing

J putting on a cold wet life jacket (not fun)

Getting ready to get some major air, or getting ready for a major face plant

Monday, September 28, 2009

I Can't Hide it Anymore

I was finally asked by a stranger today when I was due. I was wondering when the first person was going to ask me. I guess five months was the magic number for me. I was glad I could hold off for that long. Although these past few weeks, I have been wanting to pop out a little more because I think people look at me like I've had one too many donuts. As far as the pregnancy goes I am still feeling great. I have not had one sick day while being pregnant and it has been amazing. I am still doing my daily three mile run as well as the stair climber. That is one of my new favorite cardio machines. It is such a great workout. In this picture I am about five months along. The dress I am wearing is one of the maternity dresses J bought me a while back. He asked me when I was going to where them and I told him I don't completely fill them out yet. I decided to wear it to church anyway to make him happy. It is hard to see the baby bump in this dress though because it is black, but believe me it is there.

Monday, September 21, 2009

I Hate To Rub It In...

...but I was right.

We are having a baby boy! and I couldn't be happier. I'll admit, the thought of having a little girl would have been cute, however, having a boy is a father's dream come true. T seems a little disappointed with the idea that she'll have to deal with two boys in the house now. It took her a little while to get used to the fact that we were prego, so I think it wont be too long before she is excited to be having a boy.

Here are a few of the ultrasound pictures.

Profile view of his cute face

Side view of the right hand

Couple of cute feet

Here's the doubt about it!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Baby Bump

I am 19 weeks in this picture. I am starting to show more so I thought I would put an updated picture of me. Not the best picture of me, but you can see a little baby bump.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

What Have We Been Up To?

A lot has happened in the last couple of weeks. J and I have both been just too busy with school and work to update our blog. I will start with the baby update. We recently had to switch doctors because apparently our insurance was not covering this doctor. We were really bummed out because we really liked him. We had our first appointment with the new doctor and she was alright. She said my baby was measuring a little big. I guess I grow my babies large. Haha. Anyway everything seems to be going fine. We have our big ultrasound scheduled for next Friday that will tell us the gender as well as the growth of the baby. We are really excited for this appointment. By the way in the picture of me, I am about 16 weeks. Everyone keeps asking to see my baby bump so there you go. Not much of one. I will take another one at 20 weeks and maybe I will be a little bigger.
J had a birthday on August 31st. He turned 27 years old. He got a golf bag with all of his birthday money. We also went out to dinner to Stanford’s, his favorite restaurant with some of our friends. We had a blast and afterwards enjoyed some rainbow chip cake, another one of J’s favorites.
We went to a Rockband Party with some friends. J got all decked out in rockband gear. I think he looks a little scary.
Also an update on the cat that had babies. We found them and they are starting to come to our porch. There are six of them and they are so adorable. They love to play. J and I will spend an hour every night just watching them play. It makes me want a cat which is crazy because I am not much of an animal lover.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

How About a Baby Update

Enough about the cat updates, what about our baby. We had our second doctor's appointment today. We were able to actually hear the baby's heart beat. It was so cool because the doctor first found my heart beat which was really slow and then he moved it over to the left a little bit and we heard the baby's. It was going about 150 beats per minute. It was super cute and made me want to cry. I am definately getting way more excited. We won't find out the gender for another 8 weeks, but are really anxious to know. J wants a boy and I kind of wanted a girl, but now I am thinking that would be really cute to have a boy.

I still feel pretty good. I am extremely happy that I've been able to keep up my daily exercise routine. I also havn't had to cancel on one client since being pregnant. Anyway we will keep you posted.

12 weeks
Do I look pregnant yet?

Monday, July 27, 2009


The cat had her babies!

We don't know where they are but we have a general idea...I stalked her the other day after she got done eating.

A few days ago she was sitting on our back door mat, as usual in the morning. I gave her food and she just gave it a quick smell, turned, and walked away very limber and slow. I knew she was about to burst as she left without eating. She didn't return to our back door for a couple of days and I really started to get worried.

Finally, on Saturday, she came back. She had obviously had her litter. She was much thinner and practically inhaling the food I gave her. After she ate, she didn't stick around as she normally had. She left...and I followed.

I stalked her two properties over until she spotted me. Then she sat under a bush and just watched me. She was not about to reveal where her babies were. I didn't stay long because I didn't want to make her nervous. She only comes in the morning now to eat, most likely to not leave her babies alone at night.

I'd like to find then before something happens to them. Last night, I saw a raccoon wondering around, which made me nervous. Hopefully the kittens are OK.

I'll keep you posted if anything changes.

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Major Dilemma...Need Your Help!

There is a current situation that I need some serious help with. I hope all our readers will comment and give me some advice.

First, I need to take a minute and explain where I'm coming from. I am, and always have been, a major animal lover. I love their company and unconditional love. I find the suffering of animals to be so sad and cannot bear it. You could say animals have a large soft spot in my heart. Here's an example of what I'm talking about. A few years back I was watching a horse race on TV and one of the horses broke it's leg during the race and there would have been no way to save the leg so they put the horse down to relieve it's suffering. It broke my heart and I had to turn the TV off.

Now the current issue. A cat showed up on our back porch a few weeks back and she looked starving. I gave her some milk and turkey in hopes to give her a little sustenance. To make a long story short, she has showed up every night since and is now starting to come during the day as well. To make my anxiety worse, she is unmistakeably pregnant. Now I'm taking care of two pregnant women! Since she's been coming I have noticed her fattening up a little and her coat of fur looks much better. She was first super skittish, running away every time I opened the sliding door. Now, I'll sit outside and she allows me to pet her. She's adorable and I wish I could keep her but our apartment has a 'no pet' policy. T thinks we should call the Humane Society. I think we should keep feeding her and hope she has the litter outside our apartment, then we'll move to another apartment and keep her and her babies.

My anxiety is getting worse by the day as I see her getting further along in her pregnancy.

What should I do?

Here's some cute pictures of her to help you devise your advice.

Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Time to Let the Cat out of the Bag

So, we have been keeping this a secret for a while now, but really it's because neither one of us have had the time to do any blogging lately. We are having a baby. When we found out I was definitely scared and started crying, but having a husband that is super excited has helped. I had my first doctors visit on July 2nd and I was 9 weeks along. My due date is February 7. J has decided to call the baby Peanut because the doctor told us it looked like a peanut in the ultrasound. I'm sure the doctor tells everyone the baby looks like a peanut at the beginning, but J insists. I guess it's kind of cute. I asked the doctor when morning sickness was going to kick in, but he said if I haven't felt anything I may not. I am now about 11 weeks along and almost out of my first trimester and still haven't felt a thing. I have still been doing my daily exercise routine without a problem. I know some of you mothers are cursing me right now. We are both very excited and we'll keep you updated along the way.

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Good Times, Better Friends

An old roommate from BYU-Idaho and his wife visited us from Idaho this last week. I'll refer to them as A and S (just in case they want to remain private with their names). A and I became roommates during my 3rd year at BYU and at first we butted heads a bit. We had a few things in common but not much more than that. As time went on we became really close and our personalities started to mesh really well.

When A met S I was there every step of the way; getting the details, giving advice and watching their relationship grow. When T and I went on our first date we were actually with A and S.

At our wedding, A and S were right there to celebrate with us and encourage us as we started our life together. They continued to date and A and I kept in touch, though it was different not chatting every night and playing "Would you Rather" until the wee hours of the morning (he knows what I'm talking about).

Eventually, A and S took the plunge and got married. T and I were there to do as they had done for us and we couldn't have been happier for them. Watching them get sealed together was a blessing for us as much as it was for them. The the best part of all was they moved in right next door to us. Many a boring nights, for T and I, were livened up by going next door unannounced and hanging out with them. T took extra advantage of them by going over and asking for movies to borrow, music to download, and candy to eat...often interrupting their private life (if you know what I mean).

They were the last people we saw before we left Idaho for good and since we left we have been begging them to come and visit us (along with other friends, you know who you are).

That's just a taste of how close A and I became while we were roommates.

Finally our wish came true and they visited for a few days. We wanted them to stay longer but A had to get back home for a FBI interview. While they were here T and I tried to show them as much of beautiful Oregon as we could in hopes to persuade them to move here when S is done with dental hygiene school.

T and I are honored that they came. It is a long, long, long drive from their house to ours and for them to come all that way just for a few days really shows how much they care about us.

We love you guys and wish you well until the next time we hang out.

PS- We didn't take a single picture of them while they were here...we're idiots. But I did take this picture and it is awesome. So here you go.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Chef Validation

I know I shouldn't brag but I need to validate T's blog about me cooking. This last Friday a club on campus sponsored a chili, corn bread, and cobbler cook off. I decided to enter into all three categories. I got out of school early Friday, so I slaved away making chili, corn bread, and blackberry cobbler.

My corn bread didn't place, the cobbler came in second (the first place was given to an apple crisp...not even a cobbler...oh well), and the chili came in first. I actually thought that the cobbler had the best chance of winning, and the chili was hit or miss. It was a lot of fun and I'm super excited to actually have taken home a prize for my home cookin'. With both prizes I got $70 to spend at our bookstore.
Winner, Winner, Chili Dinner

Second Place Cobbler

Saturday, May 30, 2009

What a Weekend...

...and I mean that in a good way! It was a well needed break for both of us!

I know I'm a weekend late but that's just how it's going to be while I'm in school. I should be studying for a neuro anatomy exam but I really couldn't be bothered right now.

About the weekend. It started last Friday when T and I attended the Portland Beaver's games with some other students from my school. The Beavers are a Triple A baseball farm team for the San Diego Padres. It was fun, not because they are good because they're not, but because we got seats in the box suites. Along with a great view we got a ton of food and food makes every experience better. T and I did what most poor students do with free food...we pounded it down like it was going out of style. The Beaver's were going to get beat but they ended up tying it up late in the game so it went into extra innings. T is not a big baseball fan so we didn't stay to witness the outcome. The trip home that night was interesting as well. We parked outside of downtown and took the light rail train, the MAX, to the stadium. I'm going to post a separate blog to describe our trip home on the MAX so stay tuned.

Saturday, I played in a school Golf Tournament while T took a trip to the beach with her sister. Golf is my new addiction so I play with every dollar I get and any time I can. It was a 4 man best ball tourney, which means all four members hit their own ball then you choose the best stroke. Then all 4 members hit again from the chosen spot and continue until the ball is in the hole. It's a really fun way to play golf because you work together as a team and it's easy to shoot low scores, which makes you feel your golf game is better than it is. I played in the Fall tourney my school had and I wasn't very good. My team still tied for second though. Since than I've gotten my new clubs and have played a lot and in my opinion have improved remarkably. This time I was with a slightly different team and I played my best golf yet. We used a bunch of my shots and I came in 3rd in the long drive competition. In the end my team tied with two other teams for first. The tie breaker was determined by which team played the hardest hole of the course the best or in the least amount of strokes. The chosen hole was a par 5 and thanks to two amazing shots and a good putt by one of my team members, we eagled the hole, meaning we made it in three shots. SO, WE WON! A group of professors from my school have won the tourney for many years and to see the look on their faces when they realized they got beat by a bunch of underclassmen was priceless. Here's a picture of the final postings.

At the beach, T and her sister's family enjoyed a day at the Tillamook cheese factory and climbing Cape Kiwanda at Pacific City. Cape Kiwanda is a huge sand dune that is tough to climb but awesome to run down. She had to carry her 2 year-old nephew all the way to the top. Luckily she's a personal trainer because I wouldn't have been able to do that.

Sunday, after church, we went with T's same sister and her family and climbed Multnomah Falls. It's the tallest free falling water fall in the United States at over 600 feet. The climb is straight up but only a mile so it doesn't take long. This time T and I switched off carrying her 10 month old niece up the trail. It was a little taste of what it will be like when we have our own kids. Here's a picture of Multnomah Falls.

On Monday, we took the opportunity to go on another hike to one of the most beautiful places in all of Oregon, Silver Falls state park. It's a park with 10 different waterfalls and if you go at this time of year they're the biggest due to the snow melt. Plus all the trees and flowers are in bloom so it's amazing. We did the longest hike which is about 8.5 miles and you see all 10 waterfalls. I didn't take pictures of all the falls but quite a few of them. One of the pictures is from behind the falls because the trail takes you behind three of them or so. After the hike I decided Silver Creek Falls is my favorite place in Oregon. By the way all these photos were taken with my cell phone, not bad for a phone huh?