Monday, April 8, 2013

Update on the Boys

Camo and TJ both had appointments today at the pediatricians. It was a relatively successful appointment minus being completely embarrassed by Camo. I will explain later in the post. Here are some of their stats and what they have been up to lately.

TJ is 9 months old now. He is 20 pounds 1 ounce(42%). He is 28 1/2 inches long(50%). Head circumference is 46.2 cm.(76%). My kids have big heads. TJ just started to learn to crawl.  He can also sit up from his stomach. It's so cute how as soon as you lay him on his back he flips to his stomach, gets up on his hands and knees and sits up. . He makes lots of dadada sounds. He loves to roll the ball back and forth just like Camo used to. He has 6 teeth(4 top, 2 bottom). He doesn't love baby food, but lately I have been forcing him to eat it and he now will eat about 2 jars a day. He still loves to nurse, including a feeding at night. He still wakes up once a night for that feeding. It doesn't bother me too much considering that as soon as he's done he goes right back to sleep. I'm hoping he grows out of it and will just surprise us one day and sleep through the night. He loves brother even though he can be super rough with him. He still loves his thumb and as soon as we give him his special baby blanket his thumb pops right in his mouth. He is super smiley and is an extremely social baby. We love our strong willed, happy baby so much.

Camo is 3 years old now. He is 32 pounds(46%) and 37 1/2 inches(38%). I was told at his appointment that he really didn't need to go to preschool because he was very advanced in his talking and social skills. I still might consider putting him in it when he is four. Camo is such a fun boy to be around. He is extremely funny and you never know what's going to come out of his mouth. For instance today, out of the blue he told the pediatrician that mommy farted at the kitchen table and it sounded like a cow. He then made the cow sound and told him that's it's exactly how it sounded. Haha. This kid cracks me up. Here are some of his favorites right now.

Favorite food- potatoes
Favorie TV show- Caillou
Favorite color-blue
Favorite treat- ice cream
Favorite blanket- camoflauge blanket
Favorite stuffed animal- octopus
Favorite animal- giraffe

We are so blessed to have these boys in our life.